Lochrie Logo Who are we?
Lochrie & Associates, Inc. is a management consulting firm specializing in marketing, business forecasting, and strategic planning. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the organization was co-founded in 1974 by Richard J. Lochrie and Kathleen M. Lochrie.

The strength of the Lochrie & Associates organization is the ability to understand complex business problems and turn them into business opportunities. The talented Lochrie consultants combine their management consulting experience along with advanced computer techniques to provide results oriented solutions. The Lochrie Team is committed to having the Lochrie clients Ring the Ca$h Regi$ter with the best, most appropriate solutions!!!

The Lochrie & Associates organization strongly believes that strategic planning is a continuous process by management to understand Yesterday and to make decisions Today in order to grow Tomorrow. The Lochrie Team takes pride in providing quantitative marketing services to major corporations resulting in a reputation as an industry leader in product line forecasting and strategic marketing planning.

Rich Lochrie, President, has worked side by side with clients listed among the Fortune 500 Industrial corporations, the 50 biggest financial institutions, and the 25 leading utilities. Rich Lochrie is indebted and thankful to the General Electric Information Services organization for our long standing relationship that started in 1974; the business alliance provided Lochrie & Associates with a ratings jump start on RPQ2: Brand Equity/Image. We charge into each and every day with enthusiasm and excitement for the day’s activities. We love working with the best and the brightest.

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