Lochrie & Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm, specializes in forecasting, marketing and strategic planning for Fortune 500 companies.

OUR SERVICES...are focused on Management Problem Solving.

Lochrie & Associates Professional Services Are...

2)Computer Software

In order to provide clients with

For the objective to have our clients
Thrive in the new millennium.

Computer Software to Support Revolutionary Marketing Consulting

Lochrie Internet Marketing Simulator™
Lochrie & Associates has developed the world's most advanced Marketing Mix Modeling System based upon Lochrie Marketing Methodology.
  • Provides Strategic Brand Simulation for Generating State of the Art Solutions to Marketing Mix Problems
  • Utilizes the Unique Lochrie 5 Boxes™ Marketing Methodology
  • Runs on any computer via a web browser - Another first for Lochrie team
(Lochrie & Associates pioneered combining Regression Analysis and Box-Jenkins Residual Analysis.)
  • Provides Advanced Econometric Solutions by Combining Regression Analysis with Box-Jenkins Residual Analysis
  • Solves Advanced Simultaneous Econometric Forecasting Problems 
  • Handles Autocorrelation in most advanced fashion
Marketing Secure Internet Web Site
  • Provides an Advanced Approach to …
  • Distributing Results of Marketing Projects
  • Interacting with the Client-Lochrie Team Members around the World
  • Exchanging Client Data
  • Incorporates Security Software to ensure Complete Confidentiality
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