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Lochrie & Associates, for the past 31+ years, has dealt with the best and the brightest in the business world.
Leading Consumer Packaged Goods Firm
Applied LA/PLAN Marketing Simulator™ to Established Products and New Product Launches in order to evaluate the Marketing Drivers of Advertising (Short Term, Long Term, Minimum Threshold), Distribution, Promotional Events, Merchandising and Pricing while incorporating Competitive Interactions.
Developed Lochrie Marketing Secure Internet Web Site to allow the Client’s International Divisions to run the simulations from a web browser to generate the Strategic Marketing Plan.
Top Industrial Giant
Developed Econometric Forecasting Models for Industry Markets by Quarter and by Year
Assists in Decision Making on Plants, Number of Employees, Production Levels, and Marketing Strategy
Medium-Sized Corporation
Developed Strategic Marketing Plan based upon the Lochrie 5 Boxes™...

...by conducting market research via internet surveys to obtain information on RPQ1s (Performance Features) and RPQ2s (Marketing Features) for client's products and competitors' products.

...by formalizing Marketing Drivers for the Marketing Environment of Growing Market Size (Midas Touch).
Established Business Alliances to Implement Plan A...
Driving Revenue!!!
Marketing Departments of Various Organizations
Conducted Marketing Seminars highlighting the Secrets of Marketing Rainmakers within context of Lochrie 5 Boxes™
Provided Business Models to guarantee increased revenue

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